A Buffy Tarot

I don't know if anyone else got that idea about Buffy before, but, well... seeing the amount of Symbolism used in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I though it would be a good idea to use them in a Tarot.
I'm not very good with Photoshop, and I actually learned a lot by doing this (cool :) so the result isn't perticulary grand, but, heh, did what I could !
I've done this during the Season 6, so I chose to take only pictures and quotes from the S1 to S5, so as to reduce complications due to the undeveloped aspect of S6 at the time.
There is the 22 Major Arcana cards, corresponding with a main character of Buffy or an important aspect of the Buffyverse. I chose not to include anything related with Angel : the Serie, so as not to complicate the subject, but I used the AtS characters who were in Buffy, of course.
On each card (except the Fool) I have also used a small quote from a Buffy episode, that, I though, enlightened the meaning of the card.
I've got no rights whatsoever on the pictures, characters, and quotes I used for this, everything belong to Mutant Ennemy and UPN, WB and Joss Whedon.
Those are the cards :

The Magician card had to be Buffy. The picture is from "Anne" (I think it's a promo picture not an actual screenshot). The quote is from "Becoming II". I used both of this because they are a moment where Buffy affirms very strongly her identity as the Slayer, without the usual duality Buffy the girl / Buffy the Slayer. Also, I like that Buffy had "tools" in the pic, even if there were not the four usual tools you find on a usual Magician card.
I first though I would put Willow as the High Priestess, but I encountered two problems : I found no quotes from Willow that were usable for the card, and I found no quotes from Tara prior S6 that were usable for the Temperence card were I was thinking I would put it. However the "You think you know..." quote just had to be used in the Tarot and was perfect with the High Priestess meaning, so there it is. The picture is a promo picture of Amber Benson, the quote is from "Restless".
I had only one sligh hesiation for this card : would I put Anya here, or Cordelia ? I finally decided for Anya, because she was more included in the core of the Scoobies than Cordelia ever was, and as to pair her with Xander / the Emperor. Anya's interrest in money and sex makes her perfect in my opinion with the Fertility aspect of the Empress, moreover her ability to think and gives ideas (in the Gift in particular) grants her the inspiration aspect too. The image is from a promo picture of Emma caulfield, the quote is from Forever.
Xander as the Emperor might not seem evident (a part that I wanted the core scoobies in the first cards) but if we remember the Xander from "the Zeppo" (and the quote is, of course, from that episode) it's more understandable. The picture is from a promo shoot of Nicola Brendon.
Giles as the Hierophant was another easy pick as the Mentor figure. The picture is a promo shoot of ASH, the quote is from "Innocence". I had some difficulties finding the quotes, but when I had it, I was very happy with it
There were a few places were I could have put Spike, but I think he makes the more sense as "the Lovers" for several reason. First one is that I'm interrested in the "Tarot de Marseille" meaning of the card, about making a choice between two possibilities that are represented by two women (here Buffy and Drusilla, from screenshots of "Crush") as one of Spike's main importance is his ambiguity and greyness and the redemption question. The other is that Love is what defines Spike and everything he lets himself be since he was William. The picture is from a promo image of James Marster. The quote is from "Lovers' walk".
Once I decided she would not be the Empress, Cordelia made the more sense in the Chariot. Especially since her car had been used several times in the serie :) The picture is from a promotionnal shoot of Charisma Carpenter, and the car picture is from a screenshot of "Prophecy Girl", the quote is from "Homecoming". I'm there ofcourse interested in the victory and abundance aspect of the card, that Cordelia fits well as a cheerleader, the campus queen and due to her wealth. As all this things come to pass...
The choice to put Jenny as the Justice is kind of ironic, but when is justice a straigh forward thing ? When is it vengeance and when is it fair ? Jenny's case asks those questions so I though she would be interresting in that place. The picture is from a screeshot of "Passion", the quote is from "Innocence".
As the Initiative and Riley's path in S4 is mainly about knowledge and the difference kind of knowledge (moral or rationnal), I though Riley would be at good place as the Hermit. Also he has a tendancy to retreat in dark underground places when he's upset. And, well, I had to put him somewhere :). The pic is a promo shoot of Mark Blucas, the quote is from "Goodbye Iowa".
First non-character card. I though I had to do a card about the calling of a Slayer, and the Wheel was a good place for this, especially with the "Becoming 1" quote. The pic is also from a screenshot of "Becoming 1", ofcourse. I didn't have the place to put other quotes from "Becoming 1", but the one about : "So what are we, helpless? Puppets? No. The big moments are gonna come. You can't help that. It's what you do afterwards that counts. That's when you find out who you are. " fits very well the card too.
If I hadn't put already Buffy as the Magician I would have probably put her as the Strength. What the Slayer, it fits so well the meaning of the card... Well, considering I couldn't, Oz is not a bad choice. Main problem is Oz is a boy, but that's not very important as he embodies well the duality between the wild but weak Beast and the stronger will of mind. Except he never perfectly succeeds in controlling his beast. Oh well, who else could I have used ? The pic of Seth Green is a promo shot, the werewolf pic is a screenshot, probably from "Wild at Heart" (can't remember), the quote is from "Wild at Heart".
I did try very hard to find a quote by Angel about himself that could suit the Hanged Man. I did. Well I couldn't, so I chose the facility with the "Close your eyes" quote from "Becoming 1 & 2". But the character suits very well the card, I think : enlightement and freedom of spirit through biding. The picture is from the "Beauty and the Beasts" episode.
The Master as the Death card is another one of those very easy choice, and one of the first card I made. Buffy's first death, complete as an initiation process that scarces her shitless. Pic is a promo for "Prophecy Girl", quote from the same episode.
As I said, I first though I would put Tara as the Temperence, and she might embodies the card better than Willow, especially in S6. But before that, Willow is a good enough speaker for synthesis and balance that I can put her there. The quote is from "Buffy vs. Dracula", the image is a promo shot of Alysson Hannigan.
I think Faith makes for a perfect Devil symbolism. I love Faith, and her story (the first half of it) represents very well the allure and the trap that is the Devil card. The seduction of violence that causes only more violence, the freedom of action that only shows the enslavement to one's pulsion. The quote is from "Bad Girls", the picture is a (modified) screeshot from "Choices".
I hesitated a long time to put the Initiative in the Tower card. I decided for the CoW in the end because I think they're more important about the Buffyverse, even if their relation to the Tower meaning is less obvious than the Initiative. Well, they certainly have the same level of hubris, but they failed in a less spectacular way. The picture is a screenshot from "Checkpoint", the quote is from "Helpless".
The Gift as the Star is another one of the pick that seems obvious to me. It has its ambiguity, since Buffy's hope is there death, yet I think it stands well for the altruistic and messianic meanings of the card. The pictures are screenshots from "the Gift" and "Intervention". The quotes are from "Intervention".
I love Ethan and I wanted to have him in the Tarot. He's not a bad Moon, I think : Illusions and deceptions, yet inspiration and learning from it... well, isn't Ethan the perfect trickster in BtVS ? Quotes from "Halloween" and "A New Man", pic from "Halloween".
I also hesitated between noming this card "Joyce" or "Family". This is about Buffy's haven of hapiness and normalcy that is her mother, the nostalgic representation of her childhood that is Dawn. Pic is, it seems, a screenshot from "Crush", quote is from "Listening to fear".
The idea of Ascension is too well suited to the meaning of the Judgement card that I would not use the Mayor's Ascension for it. Screenshot and quote from "Graduation Day 2"
Buffy at the beginning and Dawn at the end, that's the way I wanted it. Because in the Gift, saving Dawn is the same as saving the world, whatever those in favor of killing Dawn though. Using that quote was also obvious. Picture is a promo shot of Michelle Trachtenberg, quote is from "the Gift".
Jonathan as the Fool, well, why not ? He's got the ambiguity. Mixed innocence and wisdom are what makes the Fool IMO. He's the humanity that both causes Buffy's problem and that she's always got to save. He's also the one that recognizes what she does. Pics are screenshots for "Earshots" and "the Prom". No quotes because the Fool is Wyrd.

Of course what I'm expecting now is comments and criticism of that work. Tell me what you think about it ! Send me e-mail.